Regular medical checkup is a preventive healthcare method to adopt. It is safe, secure and cost effective.

REGULAR MEDICAL CHECKUPS – WHY THEY MUST BE PART OF YOUR ROUTINE The only constant quality about life is change. Nothing portrays this more obviously than health. People with various illnesses regain full health and people whose bodies were at peak healthy state fall sick. Because of this, many health practitioners rightly advise their patients to visit the hospital routinely. Regular medical checkups can be scheduled every 3 months, 6 months or even yearly. While most people disregard this counsel, here’s why you must not.

Having a routine medical checkup makes it more likely for medical conditions to be identified and handled earlier. Illnesses change as well, becoming worse and spreading to different organs over time. Apart from this, there are myriads of diseases that do not start immediately with symptoms that will be easy to identify at home. A person who consults his/her physician regularly is more likely to pick on ‘silent’ diseases like these and address them quickly. For instance, delays in presentation have been identified as a major determinant of breast cancer survival. The options for treatment are usually very limited when the patient present late, after the cancer becomes more complicated. This delay can be almost completely eliminated if such a person has a routine for regular medical checkup.

There is also the added benefit of the access to blood tests that a hospital provides. Many conditions do not occur suddenly, but build up over time. Blood tests are invaluable in identifying risk factors for such conditions. Measures can then be put in place that will address them before they become medical issues that need to be treated. A typical example of this is atherosclerosis, a medical condition where there is narrowing of an artery because of buildup of fat, cholesterol and other substances in the artery. When this is allowed to progress, the artery can become extremely narrowed and even completely blocked preventing blood from reaching the organ that artery supplies. It is most often at this point that the individual begin to have noteworthy symptoms. There are blood tests that identify people with higher risk of developing atherosclerosis, and preventive measures can commence early.

Regular medical checkups are a great opportunity for a patient to receive important health advice of personal relevance. Most of the health awareness campaigns given to the general public are very non-specific because of the large group of people being addressed. An individual gains the opportunity to get information specific to his/her health situation during these routine medical checkups. Questions and worries can also be addressed during these sessions. The importance of personal advice about safe health choices cannot be overemphasized.

People that have long-term illnesses like Hypertension or Diabetes will benefit immensely from routine medical checks. Drugs that such persons are on may need readjustment from time to time depending on findings during the checkups. Many lifestyle modifications can be fine tuned and tailored to the individual’s present health status. Corrective eye glasses may also need to be reviewed and changed as well. Having a specific routine arrangement to see your physician provides the opportunity for all of these to be carried out.

Ironically, it is more cost effective in the long run to visit your doctor more often. The financial burden of preventing a medical condition is trivial compared to the cost of treating one. It is also very necessary to incorporate a regular visit to the doctor in one’s financial planning. The unpredictable nature of illness makes treatment expenditure near impossible to plan for, and therefore has serious financial implications.

The trend of medicine and medical research has shifted over time and is currently geared towards prevention of conditions. This will be of little importance if people do not check on their health regularly. Starting a routine for regular health check is a much cheaper way to stay free of illness than treating them when they come.